Download E-books Meat-Eating and Human Evolution (Human Evolution Series) PDF

By Craig B. Stanford

While, why, and the way early people started to devour meat are 3 of the main primary unresolved questions within the learn of human origins. earlier than 2.5 million years in the past the presence and significance of meat within the hominid nutrition is unknown. After stone instruments seem within the fossil list it kind of feels transparent that meat was once eaten in expanding amounts, yet even if it used to be bought via looking or scavenging continues to be a subject matter of extreme debate. This booklet takes a singular and strongly interdisciplinary method of the position of meat within the early hominid vitamin, inviting recognized researchers who learn the human fossil list, glossy hunter-gatherers, and nonhuman primates to give a contribution chapters to a quantity that integrates those 3 views. Stanford's study has been at the ecology of looking through wild chimpanzees. Bunn is an archaeologist who has labored on either the fossil checklist and sleek foraging humans. it will be a reconsideration of the position of searching, scavenging, and the makes use of of meat in gentle of contemporary info and smooth evolutionary conception. there's at the moment no different booklet, nor has there ever been, that occupies the area of interest this ebook will create for itself.

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Download E-books Mesozoic Birds: Above the Heads of Dinosaurs PDF

Our wisdom of the beginning and early evolution of birds has exploded long ago ten to 15 years. within the Nineties by myself, scientists grew to become conscious of nearly thrice extra species of early birds than have been formerly recognized, marking the 1st eighty five million years of avian improvement as a interval of outstanding species variety. Assembling paintings by way of a global staff of popular scientists, Mesozoic Birds: Above the Heads of Dinosaurs is the main authoritative and updated resource on early avian evolution at the moment to be had. This detailed source offers a accomplished exam of the recognized fossil checklist and is usually an unheard of advisor to the fast moving advancements in present research.

Mesozoic Birds: Above the Heads of Dinosaurs covers a variety of themes, together with discussions of avian origins, the fossil checklist of feathers and footprints, bone histology, and locomotor evolution. debatable taxa corresponding to Protoavis, Caudipteryx, and Mononykus receive distinct therapy. however the middle of the amount offers the anatomy, relationships, and paleobiology of the undisputed Mesozoic aviary. a number of the book's most enjoyable gains are the hot definitive descriptions and illustrations of taxa that in the past have bought in simple terms short observe, corresponding to the alvarezsaurid Shuvuuia; the enantiornithines Sinornis; Eoalulavis, Vorona, and Patagopteryx; and the hesperornithiform Enaliornis.

The beginning of birds and their courting to dinosaurs stay hotly debated between paleontologists, ornithologists, and evolutionary biologists. This state of the art reference turns into an important source for these attracted to this debate and within the many different interesting themes in relation to the evolution of the earliest identified birds.

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Download E-books American Megafaunal Extinctions at the End of the Pleistocene (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology) PDF

The quantity comprises summaries of proof, theories, and unsolved difficulties touching on the unexplained extinction of dozens of genera of in general huge terrestrial mammals, which happened ca. 13,000 calendar years in the past in North the United States and approximately 1,000 years later in South the United States. one other both mysterious wave of extinctions affected huge Caribbean islands round 5,000 years in the past. The coupling of those extinctions with the earliest visual appeal of humans has ended in the advice that foraging people are guilty, even if significant climatic shifts have been additionally happening within the Americas in the course of a number of the extinctions. The final released quantity with related (but now not exact) topics -- Extinctions in close to Time -- seemed in 1999; considering that then loads of leading edge, interesting new examine has been performed yet has now not but been compiled and summarized. various chapters during this quantity offer in-depth resumés of the chronology of the extinctions in North and South the US, the prospective insights into animal ecology supplied via reports of reliable isotopes and anatomical/physiological features similar to development increments in enormous and mastodont tusks, the clues from taphonomic examine approximately large-mammal biology, the functions of relationship the way to the extinctions debate, and archeological controversies touching on human looking of enormous mammals.

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Download E-books Origin, Evolution and Biogeographic History of South American Turtles (Springer Earth System Sciences) PDF

The prolonged continental South American turtle checklist (Norian to Lujanian) permits us to stick with the evolution of this reptile clade from its origins. numerous major stem turtle taxa equivalent to: Palaeochersis talampayensis and Condorchelys antiqua supply info at the first steps of turtle evolution. Others comparable to: Chubutemys copelloi or Patagoniaemys gasparinae supply clues to the beginning of the unusual horned tortoises of the clade Meiolaniidae. The panpleurodiran species comparable to Notoemys laticentralis or Notoemys zapatocaensis shed gentle at the starting place of contemporary pleurodiran turtles.  This ebook explores aquatic and terrestrial cryptodiran turtles, South Gondwana pleurodiran turtles, North Gondwana pleurodiran turtles; Meiolaniforms and early differentiation of Mesozoic turtles.

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Download E-books Solnhofen: A Study in Mesozoic Palaeontology PDF

By K. Werner Barthel

The distinguished Solnhofen limestone is without doubt one of the most vital fossil deposits as a result of its stunning range of organisms, many exquisitely preserved. This e-book illustrates a number of the marine and terrestrial creatures and vegetation, buried one hundred fifty million years in the past in gentle lagoonal muds, to supply a different glimpse into the real range of Jurassic lifestyles. Highlights contain Archaeopteryx. this can be an authoritative account of the geological historical past, palaeoecology, palaeoenvironment and fossil taxonomy of this vintage position. it is going to be of significant curiosity to palaeontologists and evolutionary biologists, in addition to to beginner creditors, normal historians and somebody with an curiosity within the historical past of lifestyles. This e-book is a revised and up-to-date translation of Werner Barthel's vintage paintings.

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Download E-books Planktic Foraminifers in the Modern Ocean: Ecology, Biogeochemistry, and Application PDF

This e-book offers a complete evaluate of the taxonomy, biology, sedimentation, and carbonate geochemistry of recent species. scholars, early profession and complicated scientists alike will cash in on a extensive synthesis of the present figuring out of planktic foraminifers as an ecological indicator, biogeochemical factories, and proxies in paleoceanography. The category of contemporary species is abundantly illustrated with electron and light-weight microscope photos of morphotypes, addresses the cutting-edge of molecular genetics of species, and offers a close advisor for any laboratory analyses. The biology of planktic foraminifers is largely mentioned in chapters devoted to the mobile ultrastructure, nutrients, symbionts, replica, ontogeny, and try out structure. construction at the organic necessities, the distribution of planktic foraminifers is mentioned at local to international scale. The geochemistry and sedimentation of exams are thought of with regards to the ecology of the dwelling animal. within the ultimate bankruptcy, which examines the commonest equipment in planktic foraminifer examine, hands-on info is equipped on sampling, processing and examining samples within the laboratory, in addition to chosen validated equipment for information interpretation. a few of the themes mentioned during this booklet are geared toward the applying of planktic foraminifers as delicate signs of the altering weather and marine environment.

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Download E-books Prehistoric Life: Evolution and the Fossil Record PDF

By Bruce S. Lieberman

Prehistoric lifestyles is the archive of evolution preserved within the fossil record.  This e-book specializes in the which means and importance of that archive and is designed for introductory university technological know-how scholars, together with non-science majors, enrolled in survey classes emphasizing paleontology, geology and biology.

From the origins of animals to the evolution of rap song, from historical mass extinctions to the present biodiversity situation, and from the Snowball Earth to offer day weather swap this e-book covers it, with an eye fixed in the direction of displaying how earlier lifestyles in the world places the fashionable international into its right context. The background of existence and the styles and techniques of evolution are specially emphasised, as are the interconnections among our planet, its weather process, and its different lifestyles types. The publication doesn't simply describe the heritage of lifestyles, yet makes use of real examples from life’s historical past to demonstrate very important thoughts and theories.

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Download E-books High-Resolution Approaches in Stratigraphic Paleontology (Topics in Geobiology) PDF

This quantity delves right into a spectrum of theoretical in addition to utilized features of high-resolution stratigraphic techniques in paleontology. It explores how more and more certain wisdom of the fossil checklist can increase our realizing of the evolution of lifestyles in the world and in addition permits geoscientists to handle a wide diversity of significant evolutionary and environmental questions during this area.

A 'zipped' model of this system CONOP9 2007 in addition to read-me documents, pattern documents, and different documentation can be found through an internet site (see below). An past model of CONOP9 was once firstly provided with 'High-Resolution techniques in Stratigraphic Paleontology' (PJ Harries, editor) and defined in bankruptcy thirteen of that volume. This is an up to date model of this system, and the documentation provided with this model supersedes the knowledge provided in that chapter.

To view the CONOP9 courses, click the hyperlink CONOP9 courses at the correct facet of this web page less than comparable links.

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Download E-books Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America's Clovis Culture PDF

By Dennis J. Stanford

Who have been the 1st people to inhabit North the US? based on the now established tale, mammal hunters entered the continent a few 12,000 years in the past through a land bridge that spanned the Bering Sea. exact stone instruments belonging to the Clovis tradition confirmed the presence of those early New global humans. yet are the Clovis instruments Asian in starting place? Drawing from unique archaeological research, paleoclimatic learn, and genetic experiences, famous archaeologists Dennis J. Stanford and Bruce A. Bradley problem the outdated narrative and, within the technique, counter traditional—and frequently subjective—approaches to archaeological trying out for ancient relatedness. The authors practice rigorous scholarship to a speculation that locations the technological antecedents of Clovis in Europe and posits that the 1st americans crossed the Atlantic through boat and arrived previous to formerly concept. offering archaeological and oceanographic proof to aid this statement, the ebook dismantles the previous paradigm whereas persuasively linking Clovis expertise with the tradition of the Solutrean those who occupied France and Spain greater than 20,000 years ago.

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Download E-books The Postcranial Anatomy of Australopithecus afarensis: New Insights from KSD-VP-1/1 (Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology) PDF

This quantity describes a 3.6 million-years-old partial skeleton of Australopithecus afarensis from the Woranso-Mille, significant Afar, Ethiopia. This specimen is the 1st grownup partial skeleton to be recovered seeing that Lucy’s (A.L. 288-1) discovery in 1974. it's older than Lucy by way of 400,000 years and sheds mild at the paleobiology of early Australopithecus afarensis, really the morphology of the shoulder girdle and thoracic form, that are up to now poorly understood and actively debated. The fauna linked to the partial skeleton tells us drastically approximately Au. afarensis paleoecology and provides us one other piece of the puzzle concerning habitat availability and use for Au. afarensis outdoor the Hadar zone the place it's been recognized for the final 4 many years.

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